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Ten Commandments Monument Controversy Resurfaces

February 26th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

A more than decade old controversy resurfaced during Thursday’s meeting of the Allegany County Commissioners when Swanton resident Jeffrey Davis requested county officials to remove the monument of the Ten Commandments from the lawn of the court house on Washington Street. It was back in 2004 that Davis first asked the Allegany County commissioners about the monument being displayed on public property outside the county’s circuit courthouse. The commissioners eventually moved the monument, only to move it back a short time later. Davis has argued that the monument at least could give some people who aren’t Christian the idea that they will not be treated fairly by the local court.  Addressing a completely new board of county commissioners from his original fight, Davis requested a response to his request within thirty days- or said he would file an injunction in federal court. Commissioners President Jake Shade said that Davis need not wait thirty days for a response, adding that it won’t be moved. Commissioner Creade Brodie Jr quickly echoed those sentiments. Commissioner Bill Valentine was not in attendance as he was attending a meeting in Annapolis. Davis thanked the commissioners, but ended his remarks by reiterating his plans to pursue a legal challenge.

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