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Synthetic Marijuana Continuing To Be A Problem

April 24th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Despite numerous public warnings and the potential for serious- perhaps fatal results from its usage- synthetic marijuana is continuing to be a problem for local school officials and law enforcement. The substance is not illegal. Allegany County school officials have banned the substance —known as K2 or Spice — which is sold legally in convenience stores everywhere. Students caught using it face the same repercussions as those caught using illegal drugs, with penalties that can include suspension or expulsion. Surprisingly one “K2” hot spot is a sub shop on North Centre Street. It is not uncommon to see dozens of young people in and out of the shop on a regular basis. Cumberland Police Chief Charles Hinnant says that while the substance can be dangerous- the bottom line is that as long as it is legal to sell- there is little law enforcement can do about it…

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