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Teachers Not Expected To Get Pay Increase

May 7th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Although the FY 2014 budget has not officially been finalized, Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine has a message for the local teachers union: don’t expect an increase this year or next. All three commissioners were clearly frustrated last week during a budget hearing dominated by requests from teacher union members asking that an additional $1.3 million be added to the education budget for salary hikes. The commissioners made it clear prior to the budget process back in February that every department and agency should be prepared to hold the line and expect no increases as the county continues to work toward re-establishing financial stability after a series of fiscally distressing years. Most departments requested no new dollars, however the school board did; and the teachers union spoke out loudly in favor of that request.  Valentine pointed out that the county not only approved additional funding via the state required maintenance of effort; but also has set aside funds for potential upgrades for school security; and signed off on more than nine million dollars for a new Allegany High School…

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  1. May 08, 2013 at 8:43 am, Diana Meyers said:

    Unless you have walked in our shoes as teachers, you have absolutely NO IDEA WHAT WE DO!! How many of you would want to work for FREE—-we do alot of the time. As a FACS teacher, I have spend hours and hours and hours for years and years and years of my OWN EVENINGS grocery shopping for labs and experiments. My car has been damaged more than once, and of course covered at my own expense. My back and knee have been injured from the heavy loads. The majority of the students are very un-appreciative because they feel such an entitlement. EACH YEAR GETS WORSE!! lOOKING FORWARD TO EARLY RETIREMENT!!


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