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They Met…What’s Next for New Allegany?

October 1st, 2015 by WCBC Radio

An architect, contractors, engineers, staff.  They were all part of a meeting held Thursday on the tenuous future of the Allegany High School project.  Missing from the session?  The people who will make the ultimate decision.  Members of the elected Allegany County Commission and the Allegany County Board of Education. A highly placed source told WCBC News that there was no real movement on any of the high priced items, however Thursday's talks may have resulted in about a million dollars coming off the overall price tag. 

Dr. David Cox, Superintendent of Schools, told WCBC News this week that the Board of Education hopes to make a decision October 13th on what to do about the project, which is either overpriced or underfunded, depending on who you speak with.

Allegany County Commission President Bill Valentine told us that he'll know more about what transpired at the meeting Friday morning, after he receives a report.

Although both elected boards say they are committed to seeing the new Alco built, there seems to be a chasm between the two.  The commissioners want to see a project with more spending cuts to make it more affordable.  The school system would like to see more funding and less cutting.

The representative staffs will report back to their respective boards in the coming days.  We should know in the comng days if there is an opportunity for compromise.


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