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Traffic Accident In Washington County

August 19th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Interstate 70 was closed for approximately 30 minutes today due to a single vehicle collision. The crash occurred when a fatigued driver of a 2003 Nissan, was crossing over I-81 on east bound I-70 and struck the bridge barrier. Both the adult driver and passenger were taken to Meritus Hospital for evaluation. Neither was wearing seatbelts at the time of collision.


Maryland State Police are seeing an increase in preventable collisions. From 7 AM this morning until 12 PM, Troopers handled 6 separate collision investigations. The increase cannot be attributed to just a single cause or area. Increased patrols in “hot spot” areas have helped, but police are asking drivers to be more aware of their driving habits. There have been 15 traffic fatalities this year in Washington County. That number in comparison to other areas in the state exceeds previous statistics.


School buses will begin routes and picking up children starting on Tuesday for the early pick up and Wednesday when school begins for Washington County. Police are asking the public be more aware of the pedestrian traffic and stopped school buses.


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