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Transportation Bills Bad For Western Maryland

April 18th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

One of the more controversial pieces of legislation approved during Maryland’s just completed General Assembly Session was one that creates a new scoring system to prioritize transportation projects. While the governor won't be prevented from funding a project with a lower score than another, an explanation would be required for the decision. The governor vetoed the bill, but his veto was overridden last week. It presents just part one of what local lawmakers believe was a double whammy that hit western Maryland when it comes to transportation funding. In addition to the scoring bill which funnels most transportation budget dollars to mass transit projects- lawmakers also gutted the governor’s plan to restore highway user funds for local road and bridge projects. Delegate 1B republican Jason Buckel tells WCBC News that the final scoring system bill was improved over the initial proposal; it is still bad news for rural Maryland…


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