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Trial Run Voted on for Bike Lane

March 18th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

After hearing public comment, most of it against the proposal, the Cumberland Mayor and City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to conduct a two week trial run of a bike lane on Frederick Street.  The bike lane proposal has been in the talking stages for the better part of a year and the city has been awarded a grant of $78,000 to create such a lane in the Frederick and Bedford Street areas. It was Councilman David Kauffman who first suggested last year the idea of a trial period to see how traffic might be impacted- and the council moved ahead with that proposal last night. Its expected the council will make a final decision after the trial period- which at this point hasn’t been scheduled. Councilwoman Nicole Alt Myers asked those in attendance to give the trial run a chance, and afterward to provide constructive input…


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