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Trick or Treating this weekend

October 27th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

Halloween is still days away- Wednesday October 31- however many Cumberland neighborhoods and communities across Allegany County will be having trick or treating this weekend. Law enforcement officials caution that bad things can happen if parents aren't vigilant and they are offering some simple tips to make for a fun, but safe holiday event. There are three things that you can expect on Halloween night: candy, costumes and kids.  Police say all three can be a danger if you aren't careful. With candy, police say  parents should inspect it when kids get home to make sure it’s store-bought candy and not homemade treats, unless it’s from a family member or a friend that you trust. As it starts to get darker sooner, costumes with darker colors are going to be harder to see. Police recommend using reflective tape or incorporating lights into the costumes- using glowsticks or carrying a flashlight for example. Police also want parents to be aware of where their kids are and be able to supervise them at all times. Officers also say  parents should make sure costumes are well fitting so kids don't trip and fall on them.

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