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Ugly Hate Mail and Finger Pointing Continue Between State Republicans and Democrats

February 16th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

Maryland's Senate president has called for civility after Democrats received what he called "the most vicious hate mail you can possibly imagine" in the aftermath of overriding the Republican governor's veto. One caller expressed the hope a senator's wife would be raped and killed. Senate President Mike Miller asked Governor Larry Hogan to stop his supporters from singling out senators in messages on social media. A Hogan spokesman said it was "ridiculous" and "beyond outrageous" to imply the governor was responsible for encouraging people to make such calls and comments. Last week Hogan said a "radical minority," of Democrats convinced leadership to override the vote, and some Democrats would come to regret their vote, and they would be defeated in the next election. Although calling for civility, Miller emphasized that if Hogan isn’t willing to compromise and work in a bi-partisan manner- it could be a challenging session ahead…

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