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Upgrading/Replacing City Streets Remains A Priority For City Council

February 14th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Finding the right balance between a recent comprehensive analysis and the so-called “eye test” when it comes to upgrading or replacing city streets remains a priority for the Cumberland City Council. A thorough data based study of the 300 miles of city streets and roadways was completed just a few years ago at considerable cost- however the final priority list developed from that report has been subject to some strong criticism. While some main arteries and other heavily damaged streets have not yet been touched- other roads with much less travel, such as Dilly Street- as one example- has been upgraded.  City Councilman David Kauffman says attacking the most heavily traveled and most damaged streets first seems to be the most reasonable approach. He said its easy for anyone to see, or feel, which roads need the most attention…


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