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Valentine Frustrated Over Board’s Representation of County Budget Process

June 24th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Commissioners President Bill Valentine is frustrated by what he believes is a misrepresentation of the budget process presented in recent months by the Board of Education. While members of the school board and the superintendent have suggested publicly that the county  has allocated a lesser budget than last year- the reality is that the school system is receiving more in terms of actual dollars for FY 2016. While the school board has talked about a million dollar cut by the county- Valentine notes that the county did not cut any funds- but rather did not grant the board’s request for a million additional dollars over last years budget. Speaking during the most recent commissioners meeting, Valentine said the school board’s suggestion that some 15 positions will have to be cut as a result of the commissioners only providing maintenance of effort funding is also disingenuous. He said the board only had to make up  $170,000 shortfall,  and that would not equate to reducing staff by 15. He said those numbers simply don’t add up…

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