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Valentine Responds To Times-News Article On City-County Conflict

October 5th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine released the following statement to WCBC News.  It addresses an article in the Cumberland Times News published this week…

When I read their headline I thought I was reading the Nat'l Inquirer

Grim Says Valentine Failing City

Really Mr.Mayor ?

Sadly Mayor Grim sounds like a little kid running to Mommy saying “ Billy isn’t playing nice, he doesn’t like me”! How about some specifics. Tell me one request the City has made in my 7 years in office that I have voted against. Tell me how I have worked to harm the City of Cumberland? I know I voted to dispurse the meager Highway User funds we received during tight budget years, between ALL County municipalities, with Cumberland receiving, by far, the largest amount. I know I vote every year to fund Program Open Space requests by the City. I know I was part of creating the Neighborhood Enhancement Program to help Cumberland redevelop blighted properties. I know I have voted in favor of numerous tax abatements for the City. I know I voted in favor of nearly a ¼ million dollars to help remove 9 properties in the Rolling Mills project. If you are complaining about the County’s reply to your most recent requests, our reply was read to the Public in a Public meeting, and voted on unanimously by all 3 Commissioners in a Public meeting I do not believe you gave your citizens the same transparent courtesy. Our reply to taking over City EMS, was we want a plan from the City on dealing with City employees, and we need to find a funding stream. Yes, the County likes to know how we will pay for new expenses. The request for Sheriff’s deputies must be made to the Sheriff. We are willing to help with street paving. We can not change the tax differential, since it was set by a court action by the City against the County in 2004. Of the 23 units in Md. Only 18 offer tax differentials. Baltimore and Howard Counties have no municipal governments. 3 other counties charge municipal residents full County taxes. Perhaps any future City requests should be made before the Public and press at County work sessions so proper and transparent discussion can be held. Mean Little Billy does not dis-like Cumberland,if I make comments it is because I also love Cumberland and would like to see it return to it’s glory days of Md’s Queen City

Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine

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