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Valentine Says He Is Receiving Encouraging Signs On High-User Revenues During Session

March 16th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

For decades, local governments in Maryland counted on highway-user revenues — money that comes from gasoline taxes and transportation-related fees.  Then, in 2008, in the throes of a recession, Governor Martin O'Malley's administration withheld much of that money to balance the state's budget. The impact on local governments, which used the money for their own road projects and repairs, was devastating. The cumulative effect of the cuts to local governments since 2010 has been nearly $3 billion.  And while the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act of 2013 raised gas taxes and other fees, it did not allocate any more money to local governments.  Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine reports that he has been receiving some encouraging signs during this session of the General Assembly…


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