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Valentine Talks ‘New School’ Issues on WCBC

September 10th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine was a guest on the Dave Norman Show this morning to address the concerns surrounding a meeting scheduled by the Allegany County Board of Education on a proposed Allegany High School. Valentine says he does not plan to attend the meeting for a variety of reasons, one being the lack of productivity in just holding a meeting

With a budget shortfall of approximately $25 million after receiving the construction bids, Valentine points to the need of a sitdown with the blueprints and specs with county engineers and the delegation of the proposed structure in an attempt to find cuts in the plans to reduce costs and make the school a reality:

Pointing to allegations by the school board on a lack of commitment by the commissioners, Valentine mentioned the fact that the commission has already began paying on the school dating back two years- a little known fact regarding a loan purchased by the county:

In closing the discussion, Valentine added that the level of commitment is the same between the Allegany County Commissioners and the Allegany County Board of Education, but the next step in this process is where they part company and vision, as a need for a review of blueprints is the main answer to the problem on a lack of money and a high price of building the new school

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