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WCBC Person of the Year

December 31st, 2012 by WCBC Radio

WCBC has named Allegany County School Superintendent Dr David Cox and Western Maryland Health System President Barry Ronan as the joint Persons of the Year for their roles in planning for a new Allegany High School. Talks between the school board, represented by Cox and the health system about the concept of the new school locating on the site of the former Sacred Heart Hospital facility began in 2011. That cooperation between the two  as well as the city of Cumberland was routinely sited by the Interagency Committee on School Construction as a primary reason the project has been so well received on the state level. Funding for planning has been secured, and the Board of Public Works is expected to approve preliminary contruction funding early in the new year. Outgoing board of education member Jeff Metz tells WCBC News that both Cox and Ronan were instrumental in bringing this project from the talking stages to reality.


Dr. David Cox                                                                               Barry Ronan

One Response to “WCBC Person of the Year”

  1. January 01, 2013 at 2:10 pm, K. Darlene Park said:

    Barry Ronan DOES NOT deserve to be honored as a person of the year.
    Western MD Health System was paid TOP dollar for the white elephant and plus, got a great land deal. Also, don’t forget what WMHS cost the city of Cumberland with the Memorial Hospital Campus.
    He is ruining the WMHS; he kept his TOP pay check and benefits while cutting employees hours and wages, reduced skilled hospital staff at all levels, restricted so many proceedures that people are force to go to WVU and down state for life threating emergency surgeries, in which one person I knew died because of the delay and travel time, AND has driven over five doctors to stop practicing in Allegany County—three of my doctors, gone!
    WMHS is now merely a walk-in-clinic!
    Barry Ronan DOES NOT deserve to be honored as a person of the year.


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