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WCBC Publishes Additional Photos Of CSX Yard

May 17th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

After receiving a photograph of the CSX Hump Yard that appeared to be nearly empty, WCBC went to South Cumberland to take additional photos.  

The first two photos are of the lower part of the yard, and shows some diesels and train cars.

The photographs show a yard that has been dramatically impacted by the shut down of "The Hump."  While not empty, the yard is not nearly as busy as it was before the shutdown of "The Hump."

Cumberland is not alone in losing it's hump.  While it's been a practice for years, the process of running trains through a hump has been called inefficient.  Flat track switching is now being used to put trains together.  Freight handled here appears to be about half of what it was, if our observations and other eyewitness accounts are accurate.

In the meantime, local officials and employees of the railroad remain in the dark about the future of the local operation.



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