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WCBC To Move Forward With Listener Allegations

June 9th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

WCBC and the Allegany County Public School System continue to be at an impasse over a Maryland Public Information Act request concerning Title 1 expenditures at South Penn Elementary School.

Over the past several months, WCBC has received several inquiries concerning the program, and has sought official documents to ascertain the veracity of the allegations, which include the acceptance of federal funding for a teacher who purportedly does not instruct students.  The school system has indicated it will comply, but only if WCBC pays about $1000 for the retrieval and reproduction of the information.

According to the website of Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, the fee may be waived in particular cases.  WCBC considers the fee to be unreasonable and should be waived in the public interest, but the school system has been unwilling to waive the charge.

WCBC has made the request without prejudice, and acknowledges that the information could either confirm the accusations that we’ve received, or could be exculpatory in favor of the system.

Without reasonable access to the requested information, WCBC will pass along the information we’ve received from our listeners, deeming that the inquiry is in the best interest of the citizens of Allegany County, which we are licensed to serve.   


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