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WMSR GM Hasn’t Seen Performance Audit

August 15th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

A performance audit of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad that has been called “sobering” by the Allegany County Commissioners has been met with silence thus far from the railroad general manager and the board of directors- but for good reason: they have not yet seen the report.  WCBC News last week obtained a copy of the 30 page report outlining the findings, concerns and recommendations of the Pennsylvania based Stone Consulting group.  The conclusion of the audit is that there are any number of serious issues that need to be addressed in short order- some serious enough that if not resolved the tourist train could be forced to shut down operations.  When contacted by WCBC News, Railroad gm John Garner said that he could not comment at this point because either he or any members of the board of directors had been provided with a copy of the report. A public statement on the audit by the county commissioners Tuesday was also released without prior notice to Garner or the board- as Garner says he was unaware a statement had been issued until informed by WCBC News. County Commissioners President Jake Shade, currently attending the MACO Conference in Ocean City,  told WCBC he was not aware whether or not railroad management had received a copy of the report- or who was responsible for providing them with one.

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