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Work Begins To Prepare More Adequate Legislation For End Of County “Blue Laws”

November 18th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

In what was an embarrassing situation for local elected officials last spring, as area liquor stores were  left out of legislation to  allow Class A beer and wine license holders to sell alcoholic beverages on Sundays in Allegany County. The 120 small to large liquor stores and retailers, which typically hold a Class D license, were not included in the legislation. Due to a series of errors while passing the legislation to end Allegany County's "blue laws," many local and state lawmakers failed to catch the unspecific nature of the bill's wording. At the time Delegate Jason Buckel said he believed that it appeared that there had been a lack of meaningful dialogue between affected business people, liquor store owners, distributors, the Allegany County Liquor Board and other stakeholders prior to the county making the legislative request. This week the delegation met with the Allegany County Commissioners and Mike Griffith, chair of the County Liquor Board to clarify the issue- and prepare to draft more adequate legislation. Commissioner Creade Brodie Jr said the fact that three government bodies are involved in a bill impacting the private sector had much to do with the confusion that resulted earlier this year…


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