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WV Lawmakers to meet in Special Session Monday

November 16th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Governor  Jim Justice has  announced  that West Virginia lawmakers will meet in special session Monday to focus on bills related to tax credits for tourism projects, road funding and DUI expungement. In a proclamation Thursday, Justice, a Republican and the owner of The Greenbrier, said that the special session would focus on: amending appropriations for the state road fund, bringing DUI expungement procedures into compliance with federal law, and extending the availability of tourism development tax credits. One of the bills authorizes the West Virginia Tourism Office to participate in reviewing, processing and approving applications filed under the West Virginia Tourism Development Act, a responsibility previously left up to the state development office. That act gave tax credits to companies that work on construction and improvements to tourism attractions, including “cultural or historical site, a recreation or entertainment facility, an area of natural phenomenon or scenic beauty, a West Virginia crafts and products center, or an entertainment destination center or a qualified professional services destination facility.”  Another of the bills is to authorize an unappropriated balance in the state treasury to state roads.

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