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Zoo Owner Appears Before Commissioners To Refute Accusations

March 15th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Two weeks after being taken to task by a neighbor and Allegany County Attorney Bill Rudd for the condition of the Tri-State Zoological Park- its owner appeared before the County Commissioners to refute many of those accusations and criticisms.  It was at the commissioners meeting in late February, that Lois Gibbs-McManus who resides near the zoo on Christie Road in Cumberland, called it a junk yard and said that “the poorest parts of Mexico” are in better condition.   At that point attorney Rudd noted that the zoo is in violation of the county’s junk ordinance and further stated that in his opinion it should be shutdown. Bob Candy, owner of the zoo, took issue when he addressed the commissioners last week- although Rudd was not in attendance at that session. Candy said that Mrs. McManus’ statements are opinion, not fact and that Rudd’s comments were out of line…


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