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Local School Board preparing for Education Reform

April 20th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Because the state’s first steps toward the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future lagged, the county component laying out local execution also has been delayed. A multi-billion dollar education reform bill, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future looks to close student achievement gaps over the next decade. The Allegany County  Board of Education received a Blueprint update from coordinator Dr Wendy Main during this month’s public meeting.  The local procedure in question is the county implementation plan, an individualized report detailing each jurisdiction’s route towards meeting Blueprint rules and standards.. The need to delay at the county level is a byproduct of late starts at the state level. Funding and staffing troubles surrounding the Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB) — a governor-appointed panel tasked with overseeing the Blueprint’s incorporation across Maryland’s 24 public school systems — has made local arrangements challenging.  Allegany County School Superintendent Jeff Blank…