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Board of Education Re-Elects President and VP in Split Votes

January 14th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Although the Allegany County Board of Education meetings have not been nearly as acrimonious as they were just a few years ago- split votes this week on the election of officers at least suggests that some dissention may remain. Heated arguments and split votes were a common occurrence in 2019- a year which saw one member kicked off of the board for misconduct. Since that time- and with the COVID-19 pandemic dominating much of the board of education’s focus- public disputes have largely disappeared and unanimous votes have become the norm. During this week’s meeting however there was a split.  Two candidates- Deb Frank and Crystal Bender were nominated for president; and two candidates- Robert Farrell and Tammy Fraley- were nominated for vice-president. Bender and Farrell were re-elected to those posts by 3-2 votes. Bender told WCBC News that the election of officers vote shouldn’t be interpreted as a rift…