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Cardin supports Russian sanctions but not a no-fly zone

March 19th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Sen. Ben Cardin said he supports helping Ukraine in every way the U.S. can, except when it comes to enforcing a no-fly zone. Cardin told WBAL on Friday that he thinks the U.S. should be supplying Ukraine with everything they need to defend themselves against Russia. He said in the disagreement between supplying Ukraine with additional defensive weapons, "we should not rule out aircrafts for that country." "Allowing the Ukrainians to defend themselves, whether its anti-missile defense or whether its aircraft to me, it's all the same," Cardin said. "There's more that we can do," Cardin said regarding imposing sanctions on Russia. Cardin also said enforcing a no-fly zone "is a step too far and could lead to an escalation of the conflict."