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Commissioners Working To Lure Battery Recycling Company To The Area

March 2nd, 2020 by WCBC Radio

After an earlier attempt to attract a battery recycling company to the area fell short- the Allegany County Commissioners are working to lure a similar business to the county. During the regular county business meeting, Commissioners President Jake Shade said that local officials have been in contact with representatives of Massachusetts based Battery Resourcers. A vote was taken to enter into an agreement with the company for the purpose of exploring a partnership to establish a lithium battery recycling facility in Allegany County. Shade said, if talks progress the hope is that Battery Resourcers could locate a plant in the area…

2 Responses to “Commissioners Working To Lure Battery Recycling Company To The Area”

  1. March 02, 2020 at 10:17 am, Bob said:

    This should make up for any pollution we lost with the Luke mill closing even if it doesn’t begin to make up for the lost jobs. Now we can do Massholes’ dirty work rather than just the mid-Atlantic’s. Kinda depressing that we were found unfit for the earlier battery recycling plant.


  2. March 02, 2020 at 11:37 am, mac said:

    This, if it happens, will continue the recent tradition of accepting other people’s trash here in Allegany County.
    With the State and Federal prisons taking in the refuse of other’s criminals and the landfill, perched on top of a mountain which promises toxic runoff downhill in the future, if not already, contracting to accept other locales garbage.
    Now we want to accept old lithium batteries. That sounds great and I’ve always been pro jobs BUT those things have a history of bursting into flames and it wouldn’t be long before that would happen here.
    Why is it that we have to accept waste and then smile and say thank you?


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