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Weekly Construction update

January 28th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

City of Cumberland Construction update from Melinda Kelleher, Executive Director Downtown Development Commission for the week of January 26th,

  • Trash pickup: Please everyone on North Centre and North Liberty take your trash to either end of the block (Frederick or Baltimore) and it will be picked up there.
  • Cardboard recycling dumpster: This dumpster beside the city lot on Liberty will be moved to the middle block of Baltimore Street next week so it is accessible.
  • A couple of concrete aprons were being poured on Liberty Street yesterday so sections of the sidewalk were closed but these will be the first completely finished concrete sidewalks after they cure. All the driveway aprons are to be concrete and not brick pavers.
  • The concrete road base on North Liberty will be poured next week.
  • We're in the middle of figuring out some difficult utility conflicts on North Centre involving the new storm sewer, which is why progress is slow on that section. Hopefully we can figure everything out quickly and stay on schedule.
  • Update on the Liberty Street light tower: Someone had pushed the emergency off button again. The light has been reset so we'll see if it lasts over the weekend.