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COVID Shutdowns Affecting Math Proficiency

March 14th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

85% of students in Maryland are not proficient in math and large part due to COVID-19 shutdowns over the past 2 years. Results from a recent state test score revealed a stunning amount of learning loss. It appears that the harm done to students by closing down schools is now apparent with the scores from the 2021 Maryland Comprehensive Assessment program.The first standardized state test students have taken since the beginning of the pandemic showing dire numbers in proficiency. The test difficulty was even reduced for students who took a shorter test in the fall that was for a grade level below their current grade, even that did not improve the score. Across Maryland 81% of students taking the grades 3 through 5 test we're not proficient in math. With 76% not proficient in English language arts. For middle school students the numbers were not much better across the state with 94% not proficient in math at their grade level.