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Rutherford Touting Return to Normalcy

March 14th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

This time two years ago, Maryland recorded its first three COVID-19 cases. Over 1 million recorded cases later, the state now said it's hit its lowest number since August. The declining metrics have led to a number of eased restrictions across Maryland and has many- including Lt Governor Boyd Rutherford- touting a return to normalcy…

While it may feel like a reprieve from life in the pandemic, many in the health care field are urging caution-  saying that it is not over just yet. Dr. David Dowdy, of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, said he worries about the word endemic because it suggests that there will never be another wave of COVID-19 and that's probably not the case. Dowdy said while metrics now look good, another wave of COVID-19 may be likely.