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Crowded hospitals are becoming an issue nationwide

February 16th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

Even though covid numbers are down dramatically, crowded hospitals are becoming an issue nationwide. According to the Maryland Hospital Association it is a combination of factors beginning with flu cases on the rise while staffing levels are significantly down at the same time, more people are seeking care some for issues that put off during the pandemic some for issues caused by it. Which all adds up to crowded hospitals. While those are problem that have been experienced locally at UPMC Western Maryland and hasn't gotten unmanageable according to hospital officials. President Michelle Martz tells WCBC news that the staffing shortage most certainly can be attributed to the pandemic and its impact on nursing profession…

In the meantime efforts have been underway to improve the situation led by a strong partnership with Allegany college of Maryland.

While Wednesday was described as particularly busy day with hospital officials announcing on the PA system in the Emergency Department of a code yellow, patients waiting on beds in hallways as well as on beds in the ER and a woman experiencing a miscarriage. A number of patients not receiving care left to seek medical attention at other area hospitals. A statement released read "UPMC Western Maryland has the capacity to treat everyone needing care and that patient volumes in the emergency department can fluctuate day-to-day hour to hour".