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Delegate Buckel Facing Legal Issues Again

June 18th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

House Minority Leader Jason Buckel has risen to the top of Republican ranks in Annapolis yet issues in Allegany County keep making headlines.  Last week, Buckel was charged with several traffic violations in a late Thursday night stop in Lavale.  The charges are DUI, driving with a suspended license, failure to display a registration card, and negligent driving.  Last June, Buckel was charged with speeding on I-68.  In 2021, two criminal harassment charges were filed by a Maryland state trooper but those charges were dropped.  Buckel is slated for a court date at District Court on July 24 before Judge Mimi Cooper of Harford County.  

Fox 45 , WBFF in Baltimore says it exchanged text messages with Buckel, with the delegate referring to the 2021 incident with a state police employee.