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Franchot Comments on Gas Tax Holiday

March 18th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Maryland lawmakers have voted unanimously to approve the emergency gas tax holiday to help battle the rising gas prices here in the State. On Thursday, both the House and Senate voted to pass the emergency bill. The chambers must sign off on each other’s bills before they go to Gov. Larry Hogan's desk for final approval and signing. This is expected to happen as early as Friday. The action, first proposed by Comptroller Peter Franchot, was met with wide bi-partisan support and was pushed for by Governor Larry Hogan. The bill enables Maryland gas stations to stop charging the state tax on gas for the next 30 days. It'll save drivers close to 37 cents a gallon. Both the House and Senate amended the legislation to ensure there will be no delay in reducing gas prices. Franchot tells WCBC News that the legislation allows a retailer to apply for a credit for taxes paid for motor fuel that is currently in the retailers’ gas tanks…