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Frostburg Police report on Assault and Destruction of Property incidents

March 24th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

On 2/12/22 @ approximately 0230 hours, the Frostburg Police Department received a report of an assault with what was believed to be a bb/pellet gun.  The first victim to report the incident was walking on E. College Avenue, near Broadway, in Frostburg.  The victim was struck in the arm with the projectile and sustained a non life threatening injury.  The subject walked to a nearby police station and reported the incident to authorities.  

A short time later (approximately 0300 hours), two residents of an E. Main Street address were shot/shot at as they were attempting to enter the door of their residence.  It was estimated that 4-5 shots were fired at the victims.  One of the victims was struck and sustained a non life threatening injury.  The other victim was seemingly able to avoid being struck by the projectiles.

Investigation into the incidents yielded identifying 3 suspects.  They had been in a vehicle in the Frostburg area with the intent to shoot people and/or property.  

Additional reports of destruction of property were received by police.  A vehicle and its windows had been shot multiple times on W. College Avenue.  Also, the windows of an apartment building had been shot out on E. Main Street.  Damage to the vehicle is estimated at approximately $1,365 and damage to the windows of the apartment building is estimated at $3,300.  

There were multiple other incidents in the Cumberland and Allegany County areas, which were part of separate investigations by allied agencies.

As a result of the Frostburg Police Department investigation, multiple Arrest Warrants were obtained and served.  


Alexander Mason Kendall – 25 – Buffalo Mills, PA.
Tyler Joseph Williams – 24 – Cumberland, MD

Charges for each suspect:

Assault 2nd Degree (3 counts)
Destruction of Property Over $1,000 (2 counts)
Destruction of Property Scheme Over $1,000 (1 count)
Reckless Endangerment (3 counts)

Charges for a third suspect are currently pending.

On 3/19/22 @ approximately 2254 hours, officers of the Frostburg Police Department responded to a W. Main Street business for a reported disturbance.  Upon arrival, the officer was advised by the business owner that patrons were asked to leave, but refused.  
While police were on scene, the patrons did exit the business.  They were identified as Timothy M. Hoshor, 34 years old, of Baltimore, MD, and Kristin L. Eibin, 32, of Columbus, OH.  Hoshor and Eibin were advised to leave and to refrain from returning to the business.  They were further advised that failure to comply with the order would result in arrest.

At approximately 2327 hours, an FPD officer was on patrol when flagged down at the same business.  The officer was advised of a disturbance/destruction of property that had just occurred.  A window had been broken out of the front of the business.  
While on scene, officers learned from witnesses that Hoshor and Eibin had returned to the business, at which time, Eibin broke out the front window.

As a result of the incident, both subjects were placed under arrest.


Hoshor was arrested and charged with Failure to Obey a Reasonable and Lawful Order of  a Police Officer.

Eibin was arrested and charged with Failure to Obey a Reasonable and Lawful Order of a Police Officer and Destruction of Property over $1,000.