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Gov. Moore’s Statement on Successful Refloat of the Container Ship Dali

May 21st, 2024 by WCBC Radio

Governor Wes Moore released the following statement on the successful mission, carried out by Unified Command, to refloat and move the container ship Dali, which collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge on the early morning of March 26: “By working as a team, staying focused, and living Mission First and People Always, we have refloated and moved the Dali – achieving in a matter of weeks what many thought would take months. 

We knew from the moment of the collapse that our mission to bring closure to the families, clear wreckage, move the ship, open the channel, and support all those affected would be remarkably complex and dangerous. Seven weeks later, we have recovered all six individuals who lost their lives, enacted bipartisan legislation to support workers and businesses, and, as of today, successfully refloated the Dali.

I am grateful for the extraordinary work of Unified Command, whose members have moved with speed and focus to lift thousands of tons of steel out of the water without a single injury. They have been true partners in this work, and they prove what it means to be Maryland Tough and Baltimore Strong.

Today, we took an enormous step forward in our mission to recover from the collapse. But our work isn’t done. We must continue to move in partnership with all key stakeholders – inside and outside of government – to clear the full 700 foot federal channel, support our people, including the workers, businesses, and families affected by the collapse, and rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge. And with this team, I know that we will”