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School Board hears complaints about Bus Driver

October 17th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

There appears to be growing concern over the conduct of some bus drivers working for the Allegany County Public School system with one man raising the issue with the elected school board. During the public comment portion of this month’s meeting, Zachary Barbe said he is the parent of a student who was told by a school bus driver, as a disciplinary matter, to clean chewed gum from beneath the bus seats. Even though this was said to have occurred during the COVID pandemic, he said the bus driver ordered his child to carry the gum in his hand until he got off of the bus….

When he continued to provide details of other incidents he was interrupted by Board President Crystal Bender…                  

At the point Mr Barbe walked out of the meeting. Since then, on a social media site, a post from the bus driver in question has surfaced where she refers to the kids on the bus as “hogs” and says she has reached the point of frustration to where she would not contact 9-1-1 if one of the children were choking and in need of assistance.