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Legal Bills Mounting as Court Orders Candy to Pay $1.2M in Fees

March 9th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

The legal bills are mounting for the Tri-State Zoological Park of Western Maryland and it’s owner/operator Robert Candy.  The U.S. District Court on Tuesday ordered Candy to pay more than $1.2 million  in attorneys’ fees, expert fees, and costs to PETA, which incurred the expenses during its successful Endangered Species Act  lawsuit against the local roadside zoo.  PETA’s win in court resulted in the transfer of three big cats to an accredited sanctuary and a ruling prohibiting Tri-State from owning or possessing endangered or threatened species. The new order follows a sanction for trying to intimidate PETA’s witnesses before trial, which was upheld in appeals court, and an order to pay fees incurred in connection with Tri-State’s appeal.  Candy, who has operated the zoo in Cumberland since 2003, has been engaged in legal battles with PETA for several years as the animal rights organization has stated publicly that the goal is to see the Tri-State Zoological Park. Candy believes PETA has been overstepping its boundaries…