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Lieutenant Governor Announces Moore-Miller Transition Report

March 24th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

Today, the Moore-Miller Transition Team released the 2023 Transition Report, a comprehensive report of guiding principles for the incoming Moore-Miller administration, compiled by a historically diverse team of over 5,000 Marylanders. 

Transition Chair Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller announced the report in an op-ed to the Baltimore Banner, where she wrote: “This report is a demonstration of how Gov. Moore and I will lead – by keeping our promises: listening to Marylanders, because those closest to the challenge are closest to the solution…it also demonstrates that our commitment to service is more than just an idea, it’s a principle we can put into practice.”

The recommendations and action items in the report were informed and led by the public. During the transition process, over 5,000 policy experts, advocates, and individuals from across Maryland took part in a collaborative civic engagement effort to create policy recommendations to rebuild state government and accomplish key administration priorities.

The Moore-Miller Transition team had:

  • 265 Maryanders join as transition team members
  • 2,833 people apply to join the administration 
  • 1,589 people apply to join a board or commission
  • 2,559 people sign up to be at-large transition team members 
  • 5000+ people joined town hall meetings 
  • 1,739 policy ideas submitted 

The Transition Report will exist as a living document that the administration can continue to use to guide its policy agenda.

Governor Moore said, “This team reflects the best of the state of Maryland. Their recommendations will help guide us to take bold actions that will benefit generations of Marylanders.

Lieutenant Governor Miller said, “The Transition Team’s professional and lived experiences, along with its focus on leaving no one behind, resulted in  comprehensive and compassionate recommendations. Its efforts lay the groundwork for a strong policy agenda that will ensure every Marylander has the opportunity to thrive.”