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Maryland House advances bill to regulate cannabis sales

March 8th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

WBAL reports the House of Delegates in Maryland on Wednesday has given preliminary approval to a bill that would tax and regulate recreational cannabis.

Under the bill, marijuana would be taxed at a rate of 6% starting in July, and the tax would increase by 1% a year until it reaches 10% in July, 2027. The tax is expected to generate more than %146 million a year.

Recreational cannabis would become legal in Maryland on July 1. A constitutional amendment was approved by state voters in 2022.

Democrats are insisting on equity provisions so African American communities get preference in getting licenses. They argued African Americans were more likely to get arrested than whites when marijuana possession was a criminal offense.

The House rejected several Republican amendments to the bill Wednesday. The final vote in the House could come as early as Friday