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West Virginia’s Deer Poaching Case continues

July 21st, 2022 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Times News report more no contest pleas and house arrest time have been agreed to for defendants in West Virginia's largest deer poaching case. West Virginia Natural Resources police conducted an investigation leading to 223 charges involving at least 27 bucks taking illegally in Mineral, Grant and Hampshire counties from mid September to late December.

On Tuesday Horner, Sr. appeared in court and was originally charged with multiple counts of spotlighting, illegal wildlife possession, conspiracy and hunting from a vehicle. Under his plea agreement the charges were reduced to no jail time. He was ordered to pay a $1,881 fine as well as court costs.

His son Horner, Jr. entered a no contest plea for charges including spotlighting, illegal possession of wildlife and hunting from a vehicle. He was ordered to pay $5,727 in fees, fines and court costs. He must serve a 60-day home incarceration and pay for monitoring fees.

Christopher Biggs, formerly the EMS Chief for Allegany County had been scheduled to appear in Mineral County Magistrate court on Tuesday but his appearance was continued without a new date being set. Biggs was suspended from his job for alleged violation of law.

In the past few weeks three other defendants accepted plea agreements that include fines and court costs plus house arrest.

Rodeheaver the schedule to appear in Mineral County Magistrate Court on August 16th. She's charged with multiple counts of the legal wildlife possession, spotlighting conspiracy, hunting in closed season, hunting from the vehicle and having a loaded firearm in a vehicle.