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Oil & Gas Workers Association announces first West Virginia endorsements

December 27th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

Our USA oil and gas jobs fund roads, schools, hospitals, social programs, our Military, and First Responders. Radical “environmentalists”, misguided politicians, and hostile foreign nations intent on destroying our Republic cause higher gas prices, grocery prices, and utility bills for working families who are struggling under Bidenomics.

Energy security is national security. We need experienced leaders with the courage and political will to unleash America’s vast natural resources, bring back the booming economy that benefits all Americans, and strengthen our national security.

Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA) is proud to endorse fighters in every state who will stand up for our jobs and put American workers and families first. In the great State of West Virginia, Oil & Gas Workers Association proudly endorses:

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Mac Warner for Governor

Mike Stuart for Attorney General

Joe Earley for Congress

Chris Rose for West Virginia Senate

Tom Willis for West Virginia Senate

Kris Warner for Secretary of State

Debbie Deweese for West Virginia House of Delegates