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Pennsylvania State Police Sees Another Significant Boost in Cadet Applications

February 2nd, 2024 by WCBC Radio

The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) today announced its most recent cadet selection cycle yielded 1,830 applicants eligible for the state trooper exam, another substantive increase in applications nearly six months after Governor Shapiro waived the college credit requirement for applicants. Many of those eligible applicants, 41 percent, previously could not pursue careers as state troopers due to the college credit requirement.

"We're pleased to see this increase in applications from women and men with the passion and determination to be part of something bigger than themselves, individuals willing to go above and beyond to serve and protect, with character and strong moral fiber not exclusive to those with a college education," said Colonel Christopher Paris, Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police. "I wish them success as they pursue a challenging but rewarding career as a state trooper."

During the three-month cycle from November 1 to January 31, PSP received eligible applications from 752 individuals who listed a high school diploma or equivalent as their highest level of education, while 581 applicants had some college but no degree. Of the remaining applicants, 170 attained an associate degree, 288 earned a bachelor's degree, and 39 completed a master's degree.

At the direction of Governor Shapiro, PSP suspended its educational requirement of 60 college credits on August 28, 2023. During the last hiring cycle with the credit requirement in the first half of 2023, PSP received 1,374 eligible applications over six months. The first hiring cycle without the college credit requirement was open just two months, yet PSP received 1,545 eligible applications.

Applicants have until February 7, 2024, to take the state trooper exam, the next stage of the hiring process.