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Sheriff’s Office Alerts Residents to Scams

June 26th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of scam phone calls targeting registered sex offenders in the county. The callers are telling registered offenders that they must submit a DNA sample or risk facing additional criminal penalties. These calls are not coming from the Sheriff’s Office or from our sex offender registry coordinator. If any current offenders receive these calls, please contact the Allegany County Sheriff's Office sex offender registry coordinator. 

The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office, along with our allied agencies, make the safety of our citizens our top priority, including proper registration of local sex offenders.

Allegany County Sheriff's Office has received several reports of callers impersonating law enforcement officers and targeting residents indicating they failed to report to jury duty and subject to pay a fine or face jail time. 

This is a scam! As a precaution, you should not give any person information over the phone and never give any financial information to callers. 

If you have been the target of this scam,and provided your financial or personal information, you should contact your financial institution as soon as possible.