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Local School System will continue with Mask Mandate

December 10th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

The Maryland State Board of Education's new face mask mandate sets some fairly high metrics for COVID-19 vaccination and transmission rates. The mask mandate affecting all Maryland public schools could soon change, but only for local school districts where there are high vaccination rates and low community transmission. Given the 80% fully vaccinated rate conditions required to lift the mask mandate- it is unlikely Allegany County’s public school system will be able to act anytime soon. The overall county vaccination rate remains below 50%- one of the lowest in the state. While staff rates are high in county schools- students rates are not. Allegany County Board of Education vice-president Robert Farrell tells WCBC News that he isn’t happy that the state board- which is appointed and has no Western Maryland representation- is implementing such blanket mandates. He believes those issues should be decided on the local level…