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Updated Election Turnout Shows County with State Average

August 3rd, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Now more than two weeks after the primary election, we clearly see how many people voted. The numbers aren't official yet, but based on the mail-in ballots received by the deadline, plus election day and early voting, around 26% of the state's eligible voters cast ballots for this year's primary.That is higher than the 24 and a quarter percent four years ago. Allegany County’s numbers jumped dramatically since election night when voter turnout was just 19%.

After the latest count, Allegany County is at 26.58%, in line with the state average. The final vote canvas did not lead to any changes in which candidates would advance to the general, but there was a shift in the order of finish in the Cumberland City Council race. Two seats are open and the four candidates advancing to the general election are Rock Cioni; Mary Conlon; James Furstenberg and Joe George. Cioni was far and away the top vote getter with 1,637. The election night order of finish had Furstenberg in 2nd; George in 3rd and Conlon 4th. After the final numbers were counted, Conlon jumped to 2nd, 64 votes ahead of Furstenberg with George falling to 4th place. A total of just 94 votes separate Conlon, Furstenberg and George.