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Water Pressure Issues Due to Reservoir Work

August 24th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

A caller to the Dave Norman program on Wednesday was concerned about low water pressure in the Frederick Street area.  Citizens may have noticed that hydrants are being flushed throughout the city, also affecting water pressure.  According to Robert Smith, City Engineer for Cumberland, the bleeding of the hydrants is being done in preparation for needed repairs to the Fort Hill reservoir at Constitution Park.  

Since the tank at Lake Gordon is at a higher elevation, the City needs to open the hydrants to stabilize the water pressure in the lines…

Smith said the work on the reservoir should begin Monday and last four to six weeks.  Water pressure for all rate payers will be affected during the repair but if someone is having particular issues, they should reach out to the Cumberland Water Department at 301-759-6621 or Engineering at 301-759-6600.