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WVDOT Project Map Released

February 29th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

Gov. Jim Justice announced today the launch of the 2024 West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) Core Maintenance Program, marking another significant stride in the state's commitment to infrastructure upkeep and investment.
With over 25,110 potholes already patched along 3,811 miles of roadway, the program aims to continue the momentum of prioritizing core maintenance during the upcoming paving season. 

Gov. Justice also unveiled the 2024 WVDOT Project Map. The map tracks not only core maintenance projects in every community and every county in the Mountain State, but also lists every paving project, bridge project, slide repair project, and Roads to Prosperity project scheduled for the year. Data will be updated every two weeks, so citizens can look at what projects are planned on their road, in their community, and follow them from start to finish.

“Today marks a huge step forward in our commitment to enhancing West Virginia’s infrastructure,” Gov. Justice said. “Through the launch of the 2024 WVDOT Core Maintenance Program and the unveiling of our comprehensive Project Map, we are setting the standard for transparency and efficiency. We have already seen the repair of over 22,500 potholes and the paving of thousands of miles of road, but we’re just getting started. This program is proof of what we can accomplish when we prioritize the needs of our communities. I am incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made, and we will continue to build on this momentum.”

West Virginia Department of Transportation crews have already gotten a head start on spring core maintenance, having already patched more than 25,110 potholes along more than 3,811 miles of road since the launch of Operation R.I.P. Potholes.

Core maintenance includes patching and maintenance of paved roads; ditching and other activities to make sure roadways are drained properly; mowing, brush-cutting, and clearing trees and branches from over roadways to keep water away from road surfaces and help wet roads dry faster; and maintenance of gravel roads. Core maintenance has been on WVDOT’s to-do list since the 1980s, but Gov. Justice and Wriston made core maintenance a top priority.