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BOE Faces Challenging Fiscal Year Due To State Cuts

June 27th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

The upcoming fiscal year will be one of the more challenging for the Allegany County Board of Education, primarily due to severe state cuts. Members of the Board of Education as well as the teachers union have been critical of the County Commissioners for what they say is a failure to prioritize education- the commissioners maintain that it is the state that is the real culprit. The current wealth formula utilized by the state  uses a calculation based on a number of financial factors some legislators believe results in a skewed appraisal of the financial condition of some counties and their ability to fund local schools. The calculation is used to determine how much state aid goes to county school systems in Maryland.  That formula inexplicably has Allegany County ranked as one of the wealthier counties in the state. Commissioner Bill Valentine says that is what needs to be addressed in order to restore fiscal stability to local education funding…

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