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Canal Place Authority Approve To Submit McKay’s Name

October 18th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Despite speculation that his appointment might be rejected by the governor, the Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority voted unanimously to submit the name of  Allegany County Commission President Mike McKay to replace Orphans Court Judge Mark Widmyer, who resigned recently because of concerns about the organization’s direction. The board voted Tuesday to submit McKay’s name to the governor’s office, which must approve most board nominations. While such appointments are usually routine, McKay’s fellow commissioner Bill Valentine told WCBC News last week that he wouldn’t be surprised to see Governor Martin O’Malley shoot down the appointment because of political differences. O’Malley is viewed politically by some as an extreme liberal democrat, while McKay campaigned as, and has maintained an image of a somewhat conservative republican. Authority Chair Andy Vick said he is not aware of any differences between the governor and McKay that might negatively impact the process- and adds that he would look forward to having some county influence on the board…

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