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Commissioners Poised To Leave Tip Jar Tax Unchanged

October 11th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

It appears as though the for profit businesses won’t see a more favorable tip jar tax in the near future with the Allegany County Commissioners poised to maintain the status quo. Earlier this summer representatives from the for profit tip jar/paper gaming operations approached the commissioners about “leveling the playing field” with tip jars. Currently the county taxes gaming proceeds from for profits at 40%, while taking just ten percent from non profits and clubs. In recent months the commissioners have heard from both sides. The for profits say without a change, many of them may simply opt to no longer participate in the games- thus negatively impacting the revenues coming into the county. The non profits say if they are forced to pay a higher tax, many charities would take a hit. Commissioner Mike McKay tells WCBC News that at this time he is inclined to keep the current setup in place…

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