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CSX Update

May 19th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

A spokesman for CSX via email sent Thursday said that decisions about the fate of a CSX train yard at the Cumberland terminal will be made in the future. The hump yard was recently eliminated in favor of a technique known as flat switching to assemble trains according to spokesman Rob Doolittle. He said that some jobs were redefined as a result of this transition, but the number of positions at the facility remained the same. Employees were reassigned following the transition to flat switching.”  As part of a comprehensive review of operations by the company, changes have been made across the CSX network to improve efficiency, safety and service to customers, Doolittle said.  The Hump Yard had been seeing some 1,500 cars a day- that is now down to just 500. Repair shop and Car shop employees will be impacted. There have been reports of some employees being walked off of the property to prevent liability issues.



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