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Dispute Settled Over Ex-Officio Board Member

August 15th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine said the board of education had little choice when it came to outlining the role of the ex-officio board member. The ex officio member is member of the Allegany‚ÄąCounty Commission and there had been some dispute as to whether or not the commissioner would be welcomed into all parts of the board’s executive sessions. Typically a closed-door meeting that may cover sensitive personnel matters, the executive sessions are not accessible to the public or media. Valentine, the current commissioner assigned to the ex-officio board seat, was at a Maryland Association of Counties meeting and was not at Tuesday’s BOE meeting. The board has been frustrated by the commissioner’s positions on the topic. In early 2013, the commissioners wanted to dissolve the ex-officio seat, stating they did not have the time for the post. However, in July, the commission threatened a lawsuit if it could not be allowed into the executive sessions. He told WCBC News that it had become increasingly difficult for him to keep up to date and informed on key issues when he was being shut out of the closed door meetings….

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